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“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”

(Mahatma Gandhi)

August 2011

I know it has been a loooong time since I added anything to the site, but sometimes that is how life goes. you get involved and busy with other things and you let other things slip through the cracks. Well, I'm back with the latest news:

Chica (see post below) and two of her daughters are still with us and have become members of our furry family. Chica recently had issues with a bladder infection and was treated at the vet. The symptoms returned and we took her to the vet again. An X-ray revealed a fairly large bladder stone which required surgery. We picked her up from the vet this afternoon  and she seems to be doing well.

March 20th 2008

A while ago an all black young stray female started hanging around the Drudge estate along with her two stray boyfriends. Sonia attempted to catch her but she escaped and we did not see her again for several weeks. Then one afternoon I saw her walk across the yard and hide in the bushes. We began feeding her again and after winning her trust back confined her in a large cage. She was EXTREMELY pregnant at that time and seemed to adapt to her confinement well, climbing into the soft bed we provided and taking a nap.


Well, last night was the big event! Sometime around midnight Sonia discovered that she was in labor and had already given birth to one kitten. Sonia witnessed the second birth before going to sleep, and awoke this morning to find that "Chica" had delivered 5 kittens. There were four black ones and one grey one. Mom and kittens seemed to be doing fine.


We hope to take mom to he vet to get her checked out for diseases since we did were not able to do this before the kittens were born. Check back for updates as to if and when they will be available for adoption. Click on the image below to see a picture of the new borns at about 8 hours old. Its hard to tell where on starts and the other ends.....

December 2007

The following is an email that Sonia sent out to all of her supporters and fellow animal lovers about Scooter's passing, and some of their responses that help us make it through this difficult time:

Dear Kounty Kitties Friends,

Those of you that have taken a look at our website have become familiar with Scooter, our story teller.  Scooter had become increasingly weak, barely eating or drinking.  The vet had told us that his kidneys weren’t working as they should.  This past week he had become very weak, unsteady on his feet and lethargic.  After a check-up at the vet, he confirmed that his kidneys were starting to fail, which let to his feeling increasingly ill.

After doing some research and discussing matters with the vet, my husband Derek made the extremely difficult decision to let his best friend of 19 years go to a more peaceful place, free of pains and aches.  Yesterday evening I accompanied Derek to the vet.

It was very sad, but very peaceful.  Dr. Jim Vega at Hunters Creek Animal Hospital treated us with empathy and support.  Even tough this was a very painful situation, his caring words helped us do the right thing.

Please give your furry loved ones an extra smooch in Scooter's name.

Sonia E. Drudge

School Relations Specialist

Also, Please read: the final chapter of Scooter's Story "My time in the Sun" and "Good Bye Old Friend"

Good morning - Believe me Sonia I know the pain you are suffering.  I finally had to give up my Prissy and it was not an easy thing to do but was the best for her.

I enjoyed Scooter's story and will be thinking of him and you and Derek.  Please let me know if I can do anything at all to help out. 

Much love to you and Derek.

Ann Dutton

Dear Sonia,

I am sorry for Derek and you for your lost.  I can't imagine how sad you were to let him go after these 19 years.

Take care.


Sonia, I am SSSSSOOOOOOOOO SAD to hear your news. But Scooter is in kitty heaven playing tag with my Charley...... they are having a ball:) Chin up, young person:) Deb:)

Deborah Felblinger

I am so sorry to hear about Scooter. I know how hard those decisions are to make but hopefully Scooter is frolicking around healthy and happy in the after life!!!!



Just know that we've been thinking about you!!!  :o)

We're here for ya - you know that...  You've been thru enough bad kitty stuff lately - so sorry!

I will give my crazy Chippie a squeeze tonight for you!



Hugs and kisses to you and Derek.  And yes, I will love my furry friends when I get home this afternoon. 



I am so sorry for your lost.  I will definitely give Shadow an extra big hug on Scooter's name.

Yolanda Rodriguez

"Saving one animal won't change the world, but it will change the world for that animal."

- Unknown -

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