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“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”

(Mahatma Gandhi)

People often ask, "what can I do to help". It is because of these caring individuals the I have been able to trap, neuter, and release as well as find homes for many of the cats pictured on the Family Album page. If it were not for people who have a big heart like this, most of those beautiful and affectionate animals would be on the Memorial Page instead.


There are actually many things you can do to help fix the problem of stray animals. As with many issues, the solution starts in the home. If you have a pet that has not been spayed or neutered, that is the first step you should take. There are many low cost clinics and services available in different areas if money is an issue. Pet ownership is not free, even if you obtain you pet for free. Anyone who truly loves and animal should care enough about it to have it fixed as well as getting it's yearly check-up and shots at a vet. Many times having you pet spayed or neutered will also help with behavioral issues that otherwise would result in a less then enjoyable relationship with the animal.

Also, if there is a stray in you area that you feed or who hangs out around you home, you could also start your own little Trap/Neuter/Return project. If the cat is friendly and you  know that you can handle it safely from past experience, you could take your furry little friend to the vet or local spay/neuter clinic and get him/her fixed and vaccinated. Sometimes you can also get them micro chipped for a reasonable fee which will help identify and protect them later. Keep in mind that attempting to pet or handle strange animals can result in being scratched or bitten, and should not be attempted unless you have experience with the animal or the process. 


There are also groups out there that have the sole mission of educating and helping to solve the problem of stray and feral cats and other animals. One of our favorite groups is Alley Cat Allies. Alley Cat Allies, is the national nonprofit clearinghouse for information on feral and stray cats. For more than a decade Alley Cat Allies has advocated Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) - the most humane and effective method to reduce feral cat populations. They have a lot of good information on their site and offer you ideas on ways you can help. Also check out our Links Page for more info and resources.


Adopting a stray or rescued animal from a shelter or other source is another way to help. There are many healthy, beautiful, and loving animals just waiting to become a member of your family. Take a look at the pictures on our Family Album Page and you can see our personal pets which were all rescued or adopted and have made a wonderful addition to our family. Also, check out our links page for more information and pet owner resources.

"Saving one animal won't change the world, but it will change the world for that animal."

- Unknown -

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